Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Shout out from ASM

After School Matters Program Providers Newsletter | April 2016
Program Provider Highlight: Marta Garcia   
Photo Stories  
Marta Garcia teaches the Photo Stories program at Logan Square Boys and Girls Club. She has partnered with Storycorps, Access Living, the National Veterans Art Museum and other organizations to help teens create powerful photovoice pieces which shed light on the narratives of undervoiced communities. Marta has been an After School Matters instructor since Summer 2014, and also teaches at Marwen. Marta received the 3Arts award in 2013. 
SEE the Stories her program created in partnership with Access Living here.
Thanks Marta for all you do for After School Matters and our teens!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

ASM Spring Project with Access Living Chicago

       This spring term has come together in the form of powerful and revealing stories with accompanying photo series about a side to the disability community few people are in touch with. 

You are invite you to celebrate what I believe is some of the most dynamic student work I've been privileged to take part in. I have been deeply moved and inspired as an artist and educator.  Their work has challenged my own personal notions about the disabled community and taught me a great deal about the power of art. It has given me a profound perspective on the potential for art to serve at it highest of function. It is a program I have long nurtured with my After School Matters youth.
The program was put together to help celebrate The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) twenty-fifth anniversary. Often considered the last frontier of civil rights, this work hopes to spread awareness of how far we've come and how much further there is yet to go.









Monday, January 5, 2015

ASM Fall 2014

                          WAR STORIES

This program brought together teens and veterans 
from several wars including WW2, Vietnam and Desert Storm. Students documented these soldiers stories in 12 documentary film shorts.

In this 12 week program students used 35mm photography and video to piece together these short tributes to our veterans. A combination of carefully researched archival video and images were also collected and used in their individual pieces. They learned how to manage and operate professional studio lighting and equipment.   Students also completed a workshop with the professionals of StoryCorps in which they learned how to ask the right questions in an interview as well as how to operate audio equipment.   Finally in an intense post production period student used, Adobe Premiere, Adobe photoshop and Garage band to put these final pieces together.

                    These pieces were exhibit at the National Veterans Museum in Chicago IL.

Joe's Story

Joe's Interview- Tej from Marta on Vimeo.


Laura Final Movie from Marta on Vimeo.


Easter' s Awakening

PROJECT JOHN from Marta on Vimeo.

carl final from Marta on Vimeo.

Luis Reyes

Alba's Story

luis reyes -jay from Marta on Vimeo.
Alba's Story from Marta on Vimeo.

Students and Veterans at the opening of our exhibit at the National Veterans Museum in Dec. 2014

Monday, December 29, 2014

Marwen Fall 2014 FACES OF CHICAGO

This street photography class turned the every day Chicagoan into iconic works of art with these large scale wheat paste prints.


Check out our process in this student video by James Smith.

Faces Of Chicago @ Marwen from Marta on Vimeo.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

My Summer with ASM


These images, videos and audio recordings were created by teens enrolled in my After School Matters program at the Logan Square Boys and Girls Club. Throughout the 6 week program teens learned to capture images on a manual 35mm DSLR, engage and interview the Senior Citizens of our community. Interview skills were developed with the help of the professionals at StoryCorps Chicago. The students worked using Adobe Photoshop & Premiere as well as Garage Band to create their final pieces. All work is currently on exhibit at the Wintrust bank of Logan Square. 


Alberta's Story